Black Friday in a country marks the beginning of the shopping for Christmas. It is usually the fourth Thursday of the month of November. This is the most busy day that is observed in United States. Black Friday is being celebrated since the year 1952 in US. The main origin of this day had started from US.

In the countries like California and US, Black Friday is recognised as the official Government holiday for the working people and students. The countries consider this day as the “Thanksgiving day” before Christmas. On this day, the shopkeepers opens their shop as early as possible and usually closes late. Some shops even get opened at midnight. Many small and big retailer shops provide sales on this day on their products. But since few years in US, the shopkeepers keeps the sales on their goods for almost the whole month of November and December rather than on a single day.

On the day of Black Friday, shops and malls are found very crowdy which also sometimes leads to many deaths and injuries among the customers. Huge violence occurs among the customers. Many small and even big shops are also inaugurated on this day and also huge profits are made by the shopkeepers.

Online retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, etc also provides sales on this time of Black Friday which continues for many days. It is a convenient time when deals and various offers on the products are found both online and offline. This day has been added to the list of the busiest days and also days of getting offers on your favourite items In India also, Black Friday is celebrated nowadays.

Like every year, this year also Black Friday is being marked in the calender. 23 November has been marked as the Black Friday in 2018.


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