Lenovo Introduces Its Best Entertainment Tablets Yet


Since many years Lenovo is considered as one of the leading company for manufacturing electronic gadgets. Thess gadgets includes mobile phone, laptops, desktop computers and also televisions. Among those, one of the best entertainment Tablets lunched by Lenovo was YOGA Tab 3 and Yoga Tab 3 Pro on September 5 2015. These tablets are optimised for Netflix. These tablets consists of four front faced speaker. These speakers produces high quality sound which gives a great sound sensation.

These productions of Lenovo also optimised for HD which provides high quality if images and videos. The new model also consists of rotating cameras which are totally great to fetch high quality pictures and videos from various angles. They are versatile and have high capacity battery which can retain charge for a long period of time.

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 is totally user-friendly that are capable to meet the needs of the people. Despite of other laptops that are frequently used for watching videos, Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 provides you outstanding entertainments that are not possible to bring in a normal tablet. Apart from these, such models of Lenovo are portable and are very flexible to use.

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro undertook the ultra thin design with its parts nicely assembled and made of aluminium material with a coating of leather type black color. The model is very comfortable for holding. It contains laser light that shines when exposed to bright sunlight. Its had been recognised as multitasking with Windows 2.0 loaded in it and any task can be done with great speed. This also allows one to access mobile applications as it is provides us a layout for mobile applications also. The screen dimension is 2560×1600 with 299 pixels per inches.

Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 features are almost same as Lenovo YOGA Tab 3 Pro. But the screen dimension of it is 1280×800 . The model contains 180 degree rotating camera which is very much suitable for selfies. It is very light weighted with the weight of 466g. It supports LTE battery that are having long life which is suitable for the user using laptops for whole day purposes.




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