How to make money online from affiliate  sites

Promoting Affiliates products and services and generating revenue from that is the fastest way to generate revenue from your blogs. Affiliate sites pay more than running Advertisements on website, if your website is having visitors then you can use affiliate programs and increase the revenue from your website. Nearly every website is using affiliate program to increase their revenue, as Affiliate marketing is allowed by top advertisers like AdSense and

Affiliate Marketing:

There are so many types in Affiliate marketing, like CPS, CPA, CPV, CPL, CPI etc. We need to write about the products in details and give unbiased review about the products and then provide the affiliate links as “best buy links”. So that if anyone interested in that product can go to that link and buy those products. After the transaction is successful, you will get a commission for the sales. Some companies pay you if your visitors visit their website through your affiliate links. Some pay for getting their Application installs and some pay for lead.

Requirements for Affiliate marketing:

You should have a blog or website as most of the Affiliate programs won’t approve you without a website. Your website should be user friendly with proper navigation and enough content on it. Some affiliate programs like Vcommission requires enough traffic on your website.

Affiliate marketing Programs:

Some of the Affiliate marketing programs which are used in India are Amazon Associate Affiliate program, Flipkart Affiliate program, Vcommission Affiliate program, Cuelinks Affiliate programs, Optimize Affiliate program etc.


There are some rules and limitations for getting paid on Affiliate marketing, you can’t click on your link and do transactions as they won’t pay for self-orders. Affiliate programs like Amazon associates and Flipkart affiliates are very strict in following these rules. Some of the Affiliate programs won’t allowed to drive paid traffic on your blogs and you can’t share your affiliate links in social media platforms. Your commission won’t be approved if they find any violation of rules.


After reaching payout limit you will get paid, each Affiliate program have different minimum payout limit, like Flipkart Affiliate program payout is ₹1000 for bank transfer, Cuelinks has the lowest payout of only ₹500. When payout limit is reached then they transfer the payments to your preferred bank account or wallet. This transaction may take 15-20 working days for bank transfers, wallet transfer like PayPal is instant in most of the Affiliate programs.



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