The Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un said in a speech Monday that he has a Nuclear Launch Button on his office Desk . He nevertheless couched the message in more familiar bellicose language, warning the United States that North Korea’s nuclear ambitions were now complete and the launch button was “always on the desk in my office.”

North Korea : Kim Jong Un in his Monday speech said that they had completed its nuclear weapons program, and now they can reach any point in the continental U.S., though it extended an apparent olive branch to South Korea, potentially putting the two allies in an awkward position.

Tensions with the South Korea have been high as Kim Jong Un has presided over a dramatic increase in the pace of North Korea’s weapons program. In September, the North Korea carried out its sixth and most powerful nuclear test.

Call for Peace Between North and South Korea :

In his address, Kim called for peace between North and South Korea , he said  “North and South must work together to alleviate the tensions and work together as a people of the same heritage to find peace and stability,” Kim said, according to a CNN translation of his speech.

He added that North Korean representatives should start talks with their South Korean counterparts “as soon as possible” to discuss sending a delegation to the 2018 Winter Games.

Kim went on to wish South Korea success in hosting the upcoming Olympics and said the event would be a “good chance” to show the greatness of the Korean people.

The South Korean presidential spokesman agreed. “If the PyeongChang Olympics can be successfully held as peace Olympics, it will make contributions to the peace and harmony of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia, as well as to the world,” Park said.

But Kim ratcheted up his warnings to the US. “The entire mainland of the US is within the range of our nuclear weapons and the nuclear button is always on the desk of my office. They should accurately be aware that this is not a threat but a reality,” Kim said.
“No matter how much America wants to attack us with their military might and nuclear power, they know that now we possess such great nuclear power and therefore they will not dare,” he continued, adding that his country’s greatest achievement of 2017 was the “historic accomplishment of completing our nuclear capabilities.”


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