US has offered the unmanned armed drones system to India in order to boost up its military capabilities. According to the officials, India have been offered integrated air and missile defence technology due to the impact of the Pulwama attack that took place on February 14 which had resulted to the death of 40 Indian soldiers. India will become the third country to have this technology and the first non-NATO approved member country to have this deadly weapon. This technology is going to help India very much in the regions where humans can’t reach and areas with high risk facts. United Kingdom and Italy are the only country among other who have been offered the armed drones.

What is Armed Drones ?

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle, in which it is also known as, functions mainly to carry aircraft weapons like missiles. It is also used for drones strikes and does not require real-time human control in order to operate it. A drone is operated from the remote terminal and also does not allow any human being to be inside it while it is running. These aircrafts are very light weighted and are small in size as it does not requires the space and the equipment that are required by the pilot. Several countries like China, Israel, and the United States are widely importing such drones and also handles various development programs for them.

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Where the Armed Drones can be used ?

The Armed Drones are mainly used for the replacement of humans in order to carry out hazardous situations like handling explosive, disabling bomb vehicles, and many more. They are being used specially for those locations where humans cannot go and danger is been found which should be solved at the earliest. This will result in reducing the dangers over various places without risking human live.

How does the Armed Drones work ?

An unmanned armed drone is made up of light composite materials that reduces weight and also increases maneuverability. due to its light weight materials, drones are capable of cruising at extremely high altitudes. The drones are built with different technologies like infrared cameras, GPS and laser. Most importantly, the drones are controlled using the remote ground control systems (GSC). Also there are many sensors and navigational systems present in the tip of the drones. The remaining part of the drone has the various technologies. It is very small in size only space for the technological parts and for it does not requires space for the human to occupy. The drone are designed in such a way by the engineers that it absorbs vibrations as well as decreases the noise.



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