Cloud hosting has become exponentially popular nowadays, for all adequate reasons. Due to the flexible payment structure, ease of scaling server resources, high availability and uptime, faster website performance and speed, and most importantly, the vastness of the audience for viewing the blogs, cloud hosting is one of the major factors for the success and growth of bloggers. Whenever it comes to cloud hosting, “Cloudways” stands at the top. Cloudways is well known for simplifying the hosting experiences by empowering individuals, teams, and businesses. One of the top reasons for Cloudways for being the best in the business is due to the fact they set high standards of performance, commit to full freedom of choice along with agility and intelligibility in every process. With the backup of an innovative approach, Cloudways is built on first-class technologies and leading-edge infrastructure providers resulting in smooth managed and convenient cloud hosting experiences.

So how does Cloudways assist the blogger in securing the best results? Well, as it is a well-known fact that no matter how relevant, dynamic or impactful the blog is, it won’t help the blogger in anyways if the blog is not at all accessible to the audience. Not just accessible but as fast as a flash! In the modern age, the speed and performance of websites is the first preference for online users. Cloudways offer blazing-fast accessibility of the blogs to the viewers. With the ability to effortlessly increase the websites’ capacity, Cloudways also allows easier load balancing between multiple server environments, resulting in lesser strain on a single server’s resources. The server hardware foundation often influence the speed and the performance of the websites, hence, Cloudways offer multiple caching layers, premium server hardware, and low-density servers for the smooth accessibility of blogs for the viewers, and as a result more views for the blogger!

It’s not much of a challenge for bloggers who write blogs just because they like it without worrying much about the views. But for those who earn a living through writing blogs, their earnings significantly depend on the number of views. There’s no point in writing a blog with full dedication and focus if in the end, no one reads it other than the family and friends of the blogger. Most bloggers have no idea about how to monetize and promote their blogs through ads and attract a large number of viewers. For running ads, access to a cloud hosting platform with high uptime and availability along with redundant server environments and scalable server resources is a must. Cloudways is the best choice for this purpose. Since the websites are virtually hosted using the resources of multiple servers, the blogs and the contents can simply be transferred to another server if one server shuts down or is experiencing technical issues. Therefore the website and the blogs hosted on them stay active and available to the viewers even if one or more servers fail for some reason.

Other than these, Cloudways provide a variety of facilities to the websites and in turn to the bloggers whose blogs are being hosted by the websites on this cloud hosting platform:

  • Cloudways include 5 reliable Cloud Providers that provide the proper cloud storage and perfectly working servers to store the contents and blogs of the websites being hosted.
  • Every PHP App is supported in Cloudways, hence the website developers need not worry about the PHP version while developing the website.
  • Cloudways facilitates hosting unlimited applications because of its multi-server environment.
  • Cloudways consists of an innovative control panel for the easy understanding and hosting of the websites.
  • 24/7 Expert Support is one of the major thumbs-up for Cloudways with respect to hosting websites.
  • Cloudways always manage backups and security of the content being hosted in one of the backup servers in case the data gets lost somehow.
  • Most importantly, Cloudways consists of its own CDN (Content Delivery Network) that is used to deliver the content and blogs hosted on it to the variety of users based on the geographic locations of the user, the origin of the webpage and the content delivery server.

Bloggers earning a living through writing blogs require a website to host their blogs and these websites require to pay the hosting sites for their services. These bloggers in some cases require to pay the websites to host their blogs. Most hosting sites require the websites being hosted to pay a monthly rate regardless of whether or not the website utilize all of the server resources. But with Cloudways, websites only pay for what they use. Cloudways facilitate websites with flexible pricing structures. That is, websites should pay according to the amount of resources they’re using. Thus, bloggers do not have to pay a fixed price. They pay according to the blogs being hosted and get paid according to the views they get. Some blogger might post 5 blogs in one month and later 8 blogs in the next month. Hence, should pay for those 5 blogs in the first month and later, pay for those 8 blogs in the next month. This way unlike other hosting sites, Cloudways let the bloggers pay according to the services they use and in return makes their blogs available and quickly accessible to a large number of audience.

Therefore, for every blogger making a career in blogging, Cloudways plays a crucial role in making their work grow. Not for one but multiple reasons, Cloudways is the top choice for websites in order to make the blogs hosted on them, easily and quickly accessible to the viewers and increase the traffic of the website and a result, help in making the dedication and commitment of the bloggers completely worth it!


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