There was a tragic incident happened in Amritsar recently. The incident took place during Dussehra, when they gathered at the rail tracks to watch the burning of Ravana. The people stood upon the rail track was hit by a running train. 60 people had died and nearly 143 were injured.

In order to avoid such incident in future, the appeal was done to the railways so that they build a wall beside the rail track which will stop the public from entering the rail tracks. According to the people, the step would have taken many days before in India.

According to the news, the execution of the whole plan would cost Rs. 2500 crores. The decision is been taken by the Railway Minister of India to build walls alongside of the railway tracks all over India. The project id going to start as soon by the next month. This will prevent the people even huge animals to cross the railways tracks in rural as well as urban areas. Even the wall should be high enough so that people fails to climb it.



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