Patanjali Ayurved Yoga teacher Ramdev on Tuesday was asked by the government to provide information about the Ayurvedic medicines that it launched and reported that coronavirus can be cured within seven days. The company was also requested until they had been examined to stop promoting or publish these claims. Patanjali ‘s founder Ramdev told media on Tuesday that the medicines, “Coronil and Swasari,” were built based on work and analysis of 280. The drugs are provided in a Corona pack, which was sold in India inside a week, priced at Rs 545.

The Ayush Ministry asked Patanjali to provide information as soon as possible such as composition of drugs, the results of its tests, the hospitals in which the tests were carried out, obtained an agreement from the Institutional Ethics Committee and registered to the clinical studies.


corona patanjali medicine

“The Ministerial is not aware of the facts of the allegations and information of the scientific study,” said the Ayush ministry hours after the launch of Patanjali. The ministry requested copies of the Ayurvedic medicines in Haridwar, Uttarakhand for authorization and approval of products. Acharya Balkrishna CEO of Patanjali said that they have 100 percent met all of the Randomized Placebo Controlled Clinical Trials standard criteria, and the Ministry of AYUSH is provided with details.

The news agency has quoted Mr Balkrishna as saying: “The government provides Ayurveda support and pride. The contact gap has been closed and we have completely completed all of our regular Randomised Placebo Controlled Clinical Trials. Two police charges against Patanjali – one in Rajasthan and the other in Haryana – have also been filed for “misleading the public,” and for launching medicine without the advice of the Indian Council of Medical Research or ICMR. Even though many nations test vaccines, there is no medical evidence for an effective medication for COVID-19. Such claims have also been warned by the World Health Organisation.

Ramdev believed that the “100% favorable outcomes” of Patanjali’s medicines were found in clinical studies. ‘We are delighted to introduce that the first ayurvedic trial and science-based evidence and research-based medicine based on the collaborative efforts of the Patanjali Research Center and NIMS has been established in the country and world,’ Ramdev was quoted by the ANI press agency as saying.

“COVID medicines Coronil and Swasari are introduced today. We have carried out a two-phase trial of these first, a clinically-controlled test that took place among many other towns and cities in Delhi, Ahmedabad. 280 of these patients will be included and 100 per cent of those improved. The private Institute of Medical Sciences or NIMS University in Jaipur has been collaborating with Patanjali.

“The best thing that emerges of this is that 69 percent of patients recovered and were negative within three days of positive (cases) and within seven days 100 percent became negative, with the assistance of NIMS, Jaipur led a clinical checks study of 95 patients,” Ramdev said. The Yoga guru said that tests were carried out on all sorts of patients but those who are extremely contaminated and are used as bloaters on life support systems. He told the Indian Press Trust that “tests against the people infected on the ventilation support are still due.”

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